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Essential Oil Basics

  • The term, “essential oil,” is commonly used to describe the concentrated, hydrophobic liquid extracted from the root, bark, fruit, flowers, or leaves of a plant.
  • Each plant produces oils with unique chemical and aromatic compounds used for specific medicinal purposes.
  • Depending on the chemical compound, the oil can be applied topically, inhaled as a fragrance, or diffused into the air.
  • Many cheaper, essential oil brands will dilute the percentage of oil in a bottle by mixing in potentially harmful additives.
  • Therapeutic-grade oils are extracted with less heat and undiluted.
  • We suggest further research and the professional advice of a doctor as needed.

Why Should I Use Essential Oils?

When properly used, the effects of pure aromatherapy-grade therapeutic essential oils are stimulating to the senses, soothing to the mind, and healing to the body. For anyone unsure of which oils to use, we offer essential oil sampler sets and synergy blends along with important accessories like carrier oils and diffusers.

A Product You Can Trust

When addressing your own health needs and the conditions of people you love, we understand the importance of finding affordable, high quality products. Because of this we have worked hard to provide you with reasonably-priced, 100% pure, therapeutic essential oils from the best natural resources available. We use oils distilled from organic farms free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

In addition to offering the highest quality essential oils, we have applied that high standard to our customer service policies by offering a clear and reliable ordering process:

  • Orders are taken by our friendly staff and shipped within 24 business hours.
  • We offer a 100% guarantee on all our products.
  • We do not require any member or distributor status to order our products.


At Aroma-Pure, our mission has always remained the same: supply the finest, purest essential oil and aromatherapy products at honest, competitive prices. We are dedicated to providing a pleasant and memorable experience for every customer.