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About Aroma-Pure Essential Oils

Most of our competitors sell comparable quality oils. They do a good job. Even the large Multi-Level Marketing companies sell relatively good oils, although their selling tactics can be deceiving. Did you know that any essential oil company can certify their own essential oils as being pure therapeutic-grade oils. That's because there is no real authority that will do this for them. We know of two of the largest marketers of oils that have deemed their own oils as Certified Therapeutic Grade or a similar type of grade, and tell everyone that they have the best oils based on something that the company just made up. We could do the same thing, but really, why? We believe in being honest and fair. We call our oils aromatherapy-grade that have therapeutic properties, because that is the true definition of our essential oils. We don't put a "stamp" on them so that you will feel good because of the stamp. Our products must stand on their own, and they do! They are the best that you can buy anywhere. That being said, if we have the best that you can buy anywhere, and our prices are comparable or lower than the other brands, then  what makes us truly different? We give you MORE oil for the same money.  If you buy from XYZ Essential Oils and their largest size bottle is a 15ml bottle, then that's what you will get. If you look at their 15ml bottle that's "full", it looks like it is missing some product. That always bugged us! We wanted you to feel like you were getting a "full" bottle of each oil that you buy from Aroma-Pure. We've always given more, but just recently started labeling them that way. We give you at least 18ml in the same 15ml bottle  and don't charge a penny more for doing so. We just feel like you should get the best oils and get more of it for a fair price. Our 5ml bottles contain at least 7ml, and 2ml, well only contain 2ml because we can't get anymore into the bottle, sorry. So, bring balance to your mind and body by using Aroma-Pure Essential Oils. We truly believe our varied selection of aromatherapy-grade therapeutic essential oils can provide relief for many mental and physical conditions. We only produce pure, safe, and affordable products that you can feel comfortable using on a regular basis, and give you more of it!

At Aroma-Pure Essential Oils we take customer service to a higher level. We take our products just as seriously. Neither service or product quality will ever be compromised. We started Aroma-Pure in 2001 with this in mind and that's how we developed our mission statement. You see, way back in 1999 we started using essential oils and found them to be very therapeutic for our own uses. The oils we were using were very good. The only problem was they were 50-100% more expensive than we were willing to pay. In order to get any discount, we either had to become a distributor or a preferred customer of this particular company. With this in mind, we set out to find the most pure essential oils on the planet. We went to the same sources as the higher priced company. After we found what we were looking for in quality, we found that we could bring this same quality to the public for a much lower price since we had no "downline distributors" to pay. We have only one pricing structure which you will find is very competitive in the marketplace. Try our oils and compare them to the "Big Boys" of essential oils and you will be pleasantly surprised!

Our Oils are Premium Essential Oils. Better Yet, We give you more than we advertise. Our 15ml oils are actually 18ml, which means you get 20% more oil in each of our 15ml bottles. Same goes for the 5ml bottles. They hold 7ml each, or 40% more oil than we advertise! The 2's actually hold 2ml, sorry!

What should an essential oil be? Well let me start by saying that we take this question very seriously at Aroma-Pure Essential Oils. Our number one goal is to bring our customers the very best in essential oils. We scour the market for just that. We leave no leaf unturned to find and bring to you the finest and best essential oils in the marketplace. What does that mean? Well, the marketplace changes rapidly. No two crops of oil are exactly alike. That means we take sourcing our oils most seriously. Only the best will do. This is what it means to you.... we only source oils that are free from pesticides and are truly the purest oils we can find at any given time. That's it. No mumbo jumbo!

At Aroma-Pure, Our mission has always remained the same: to supply the finest, purest essential oil and aromatherapy products at honest, competitive prices. Our dedication to customer service means that we aim to ensure that every time our customers deal with Aroma-Pure, it is a pleasant and memorable experience.