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What is Aromapedia ™ ?

This software, developed by Ken Hayes, provides beginning & intermediate users of aromatherapy with vital data about essential oils & their methods of use.

(Disclaimer: We provide this as a free download but do not provide any support for the software.)
Free Aromapedia Software Download
Here are a few features:

  • Listing of over 130 essential oils
  • Listing of over 330 specific keywords
  • Botanical names, common names, places of origin, parts used, blends, aromatic benefits, magickal uses, physical uses & safety warnings
  • Editable listing of common carrier oils
  • Add your own essential oils or edit the current database of oils
  • Editable listing of methods of use for essential oils:  lotions, baths, massage, etc.
  • Editable glossary of keywords & terms
  • Print info on essential oils & recipes
  • Search feature of database & recipes
  • Easy keyboard & mouse navigation
  • It's FREE!

Free Aromapedia Essential Oil Software

 Free Aromapedia Software Download

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NOTE: This software is freeware. No support is available other than what is included with the product.

**Minimum System Requirements

Pentium 200MHz processor
256 Color monitor
10MB Hard drive space
Internet Browser (to read .html Help files)

Aromapedia is a trademark owned by Kenneth R. Hayes.  Duplication of any part of this website, including graphics and text, is strictly prohibited.  Disclaimer:   This software is released as a free service to aromatherapy users.  I do not claim to be a doctor or aromatherapist.  Nor do I insist on replacing conventional medical therapies with aromatherapy.  Aromatherapy for many, works well with conventional therapies.  Consult your physician before beginning this or any other alternative therapy.  Website:

Aroma-Pure is in no way affiliated with Aromapedia or Kenneth R. Hayes.  As a service to our customers and other soapmakers, herbalists and the like, Mr. Hayes has allowed Aroma-Pure to make this freeware available  through our website.