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Aromatherapy is an ancient science of using aromas to treat a patient who might be suffering from any kind of disease. Not only do the aromas of plants and herbs used effectively to cure and relaxes a person, it affects a portion of the brain which is highly receptive to olfactory nerves, stimulating relaxation and providing stress relief. Essential oils are the core of the science of aromatherapy, which provides base for this fragrant treatment. Aromatherapy uses essential oils, that everyone knows commonly but do you actually know what essential oils actually are?

Essential oils are extracted from various plants using steam or water of leaves, roots, the stem, bark, flowers and all parts of the trees are used effectively. Distilled essential oils are known to be transparent and clear but some are colored.

Aromatherapy uses blend of oils which are available, and may work better than simply using single aromatic oils. Aromatherapy works with essential oils as vaporization of these oils creates different moods and can produce a beautiful ambience, along with releasing a soothing fragrance which fills your soul. The right way to vaporize aromatherapy oils is to use oil burners, light bulb rings and aroma stone vaporizers. However, essential oils which are derived from orange, lemon, tangerine, lemongrass and patchouli are yellow in color. These oils are volatile, concentrated and usually come in small bottle but as they evaporate easily, leaving no oily residue which is also an indication of purity and should be kept tightly closed.

For skin care benefits, apply the oils after diluting them in almond oil or olive oil or other pure natural oil bases. Essential oils are real blessing to our health and skin care regimen as their application is known to be highly beneficial in medical conditions also.

You might be wondering as to where and how to purchase these oils?

Although these are available in health stores while you can also purchase them over the counter in many drug stores. When purchasing these oils, be careful to buy only the highest quality products. Essential oil prices vary depending on availability and quality as the product is fixed on the basis of country of origin, quality standardization of distilment and the amount of oil derived from the plant. Essential oils will be priced very steep in comparison with the artificially manufactured oils.

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