Aroma-Pure Pure Essential Oils 

Wecome to Aroma-Pure 100% Pure Essential Oils

 Single Note Essential Oils

Angelica Root- China Frankincense Egyptian Oregano
Angelica Root Frankincense India Palmarosa
Anise Star Galbanum Patchouli Dark
Basil Sweet Geranium Bourbon Pepper Black
Bergamot Ginger Root Peppermint Supreme
Birch Sweet Grapefruit Pink Petitgrain
Black Pepper Helichrysum* Pine, Scotch
Black Spruce Hyssop Ravensara
Blood Orange Jasmine 3% Rosemary
Blue Tansy Juniper Berry Rosewood
Calamus Root Lavender 40/42 Sandalwood Mysore 10%
Cardamom Lavender French Sandalwood Mysore*
Cassia Lavender High Altitude Spikenard (Green)
Cedarwood Atlas Lavender Mont Blanc Spruce Black
Cedarwood Himalayan


Tangerine 5-Fold
Chamomile Roman 10%


Tea Tree
Cinnamon Bark


Cinnamon Leaf Mandarin Orange Valerian Root
Citronella Marjoram Spanish Verbena
Clary Sage Marjoram Sweet Vetiver

Clove Bud

Melaleuca Wintergreen

Copaiba Balsam

Melissa* Ylang Ylang #1 Grade




Cypress French Neroli 3%  
Eucalyptus Globulus Niaouli
Eucalyptus Radiata Nutmeg  
Fennel Sweet Orange Sweet 5-Fold

*Special Order Oil

Synergy Blends

Aroma-Pure Premium Grade-A Therapeutic Essential Oils are undiluted and come from the purest source of flowers, fruits, barks, leaves, herbs, roots and spices. Each mixture is complex and made up of individual chemical constituents that carefully determine their therapeutic grade and unique fragrance.

Essential Oils are highly concentrated essences of plants, used aromatically for healing and relaxation. They are produced in every country in the world, which makes essential oil therapy a worldwide art. The purest essential oils are cultivated globally from their natural climates and ideal geographical locations. Essential oils can be effective to relax and sooth the mind, beautify the skin and body, and stimulate the senses, depending on the type of oil or blend of oils used. Each individual responds differently to therapeutic oils, so in order to enhance the aromatic benefits and evoke uplifting emotions and feelings, it is important to find the essences unique to an individual and implement them daily to enhance well-being.

We go to great lengths to ensure our products are organically grown and distilled whenever possible. All of our essential oils are free of commercial fertilizers and pesticides and are produced in an ethical environment.

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